Winemakers artists

Natural Wines Club - Ekologiska Vinklubben wants to highlight the work of winemakers who respect nature in its entirety in order to craft exceptional wines.

These winemakers craftsmen draw their inspiration from the history of their wineries and their land, drawing from the work of their elders to give birth to wines that are both authentic and contemporary.

Respect for the environment

Our mission is to offer exclusively quality wines from a natural, organic, biodynamic or sustainable farming.

We place great importance in the selection of the wines in our cellar so that the bottles making their way in your cellar meet and exceed your expectations.


In a modern world where standardization and automation is ever increasing, our approach is meant to be just the opposite.

Original creation, respect for nature and traditions, but also innovation, rediscovery of forgotten wines and human relations constitute the core and the absolute cornerstone of Natural Wines Club and Ekologiska Vinklubben.