Monial Mixed Box



A perfect Box for all you Champagne Lovers!

1 Box with 6 different Champagne Monial Bottles.

1 Communio + 1 Libera Me + 1 Libera Me Brut nature + 1 Lux Aeterna Blanc de Blancs + 1 Lux Aeterna Rosé + 1 Sylves.

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Type of Viticulture Sustainable
Country France
Area Champagne
Classification Champagne
Blend detail Chardonnay & pinot noir.
Style Champagne
Color White & Rosé
Vineyard Champagne MONIAL
Alcohol Level 12,5°

Cuvée Communio - Pinot Noir : 90% Chardonnay : 10%.

Make a perfect match and serve this champagne with sweet or savoury cocktail fare. Marry its citrus white fruit notes harmoniously with fish starters as well. Its adaptability makes.

Cuvée Libera Me Blanc de Noirs - Pinot Noir : 100%.

A nice freshness and fine tiny bubbles that can be served at cocktail dinners, and dishes of either fish or roasted meat. Ideal for desserts based on berries.

Cuvée Libera Me Brut Nature - Pinot Noir : 80% Chardonnay : 20%.

This champagne is suitable for cold starters, shellfish, fish as well as white meat. It also pairs well with oriental cuisine. Cooling and refreshing, it can be served as an aperitif.

Cuvée Lux Aeterna Blanc de Blancs - Chardonnay : 100%.

Simply exceptional, this chardonnay champagne finesse delicately graces the mouth with gentle flowery notes while offering a perfect intensity on a buttery background. From oysters and seafood to treats and bite-sized sweets, this champagne will surprise you by accompanying all your celebrations at all seasons.

Cuvée Lux Aeterna Rosé - Pinot Noir : mainly.

This truly elegant, soft drink champagne has subtle notes of red berries. Its wonderful colour, delicate structure, small bubbles and fruity floral aroma make it a perfect match for either sweet or savoury dishes. Pair it with a tagine, Chicken Colombo, red berries mousse.

Cuvée Sylves - Chardonnay and pinot noir aged in oak barrel.

A lovely balance indeed for this aroma-rich champagne. Its structure is full bodied and well rounded. Sharp to the nose with slightly woody notes. Excellent when accompanied with duck paté and foie gras, also with desserts based on chocolate, hazelnuts and pears.

Monial Champagne cellar!

Champagne Monial's vineyard is located in the land of secret valleys, haunted by the fatherly figure of Charles de Gaulle, where the Clairvaux monks chose, in 1194 to harvest bunches of grapes. Entrusted to the vaults of the great chapter house, the grapes were turned into wine and later, into champagne. For the last eight centuries in Colombé-le-Sec, the gothic columns of the monastic cellar have protected the vineyard’s harvests.

1115, the Abbey of Clairvaux was founded by Saint Bernard. For Clairvaux to spread economically across the land, Cistercian farms and cellars were established. The farm and cellar of the Cellier aux Moines in Colombé-le-Sec with its vast construction, austere structure and design, elevated ribbed vaults and natural lighting from majestic semicircular windows are perfect examples of Cistercian art.

Today, the Calon-Egger family raises the grapes into elegant champagne, heir to the Aube's deep countryside history. Rooted in the clay-limestone earth of the Côte des Bar, the vineyard comprises two-thirds Pinot Noir and one-third Chardonnay.