Gaston Cheq Mixed Box



A perfect Box for discover Gaston Cheq Champagne's!

1 Box with 6 different Champagne Gaston Cheq.

1 Cuvée Septune + 1 Cuvée Velours des Dames + 1 Cuvée Marie Elisabeth + 1 Cuvée Marie Elisabeth Rosé + 2 Cuvées Spéciale

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Type of Viticulture Sustainable
Country France
Area Champagne
Classification Champagne
Blend detail Pinot Noir, Chardonnay &Pinot Meunier
Style Champagne
Color White & Rosé
Vineyard Gaston CHEQ
Alcohol Level 12,5°

Cuvée Les Septunes - Pinot Noir : 85% Chardonnay : 15%.

A fNice cord and fine bubbles emerging seamlessly. A clean nose releasing aromas of red fruits (cherry, plum) while bringing a mature and buttered biscuit taste. Good palate, this is a pulpy Champagne with a clear presence of Mirabelle offering a long finish. It is a jovial wine, accompanying perfectly white meat dishes.

Cuvée Velours des Dames - Pinot Noir : 40% Pinot Meunier : 40% Chardonnay : 20%.

A pale and very delicate golden colour. The powerful effervescence sets the stage for an animated cord offering a multitude of fine bubbles. Champagne of character that will perfectly accompany grilled fish or a lemon pie.

Cuvée Marie Elisabeth Blanc de Blancs - Chardonnay : 100%.

Fine bubbles are expressed in a superb ascent forming a regular flicker surface. Nose with white flowers and aromas of cut straw. Delicate scent of lemon in a second nose. Tone from Chardonnay. The mouth presents notes of citrus and white peach. It is a Champagne for aperitif or to be served with seafood.

Cuvée Marie Elisabeth Rosé - Pinot Noir : 85% Chardonnay : 15%.

Pink like salmon, this Champagne is the perfect companion of a white tablecloth and silver cutlery. Beautiful freshness, comfort and roundness are waiting for you, including marvellous red fruits especially strawberry.

Cuvée Spéciale 2009 - Pinot Noir : 40% Pinot Meunier : 20% Chardonnay : 40%.

A festival of bubbles with a freshness of citrus, lemon and pink grapefruit, you can also detect hints of hawthorn and of fresh apple compote. The aromas evolve during tasting, fruity and flowery. The combination of three varieties of grapes with a balance between sugars and the natural acidity of our wines, provide a perfect equilibrium. You can find bitter almond, a hint of caramel and of acacia flowers. The finish is long with great finesse.

History of the vineyard!

The Champagne Gaston Cheq is produced by group of winemakers – cooperative “Côteaux du Landion” who decided to join forces and develop their own wine as a tribute to a local hero, Mr. Gaston Cheq (1866-1937), a brave man who was heading the revolt of the winemakers in the Aube county in 1911.

He was fighting for the right to Champagne Appellation in the Aube county, which the Government had revoked at that time, forgetting that Troyes was not less than the historical capital of the province of Champagne.

Gaston Cheq led this action with all his heart and the cooperative “Côteaux du Landion” chose to emerge from the shadows of time, this name and character "GASTON CHEQ" who the winemakers in Aube must never forget.