Gavaisson Emotion 2015



A white of gastronomy!

The distinction and grace of its splendour is not overwhelmed by its power: it lends it character! Likewise, the liveliness of each mouthful is thrown into raptures of majestic mystery. Its harmonious structure is a perfect balance of vigour and refinement.

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Vintage 2014
Type of Viticulture Organic
Country France
Area Provence
Classification Côtes de Provence
Main grape variety Rolle
Blend detail Rolle 80% & Sémillon 20%
Style Dry
Color White
Vineyard Domaine de Gavaisson
Alcohol Level 12,5°
Storage +5
Area 3,9 H
Wine & Food Carpaccio of smoked swordfish, light cream and chive.
Premium Wine Premium

The Soil

The vines, grown on ten south-facing terraced areas, are planted into lightly draining, stony earth, the clay of which (chestnut brown) however retains the moisture from rainwater necessary for the vine to thrive and the grapes to ripen.


Manual – to select and sort the bunches into small crates of 25 kg; this now takes place at night to benefit from the coolness of the night-time and early morning. A plot-based selection facilitates the choice of vintage. The September of the year in question was especially fresh and dry, with a Mistral sun that ensured exceptional grape quality. The low yield from the harvest provided a lovely concentration of the material and powerful aromas.


Throughout the fruit’s slow transformation into juice and then into wine, the purpose of the approach is to respect the natural process of the yeast’s action as it develops the aromas. After light clarification fining, the blend of the wine, aged in various containers (casks, stainless-steel or cement egg-shaped tanks), is selected by an association of meticulous tasters with respect for the terroir.


Good aromatic intensity, woody note, marked by the wood. Graphite aromas, slightly smoked. Palate: pure at first taste, nice relief, beautiful acidity. Mineral and smoked aromas.