Gavaisson Inspiration 2016



Charm och elegans!

The Rolle (or Vermentino) grape was chosen for its complexity of flavour when harvested at full maturity, while the Semillon lends a certain structure and fullness of body. Each grape is appreciated for what it can bring and is therefore grown and treated in the most natural way possible.

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24,55 € Inkl. Moms

Årgång 2014
Typ av vinodling Ekologisk
Land Frankrike
Område Provence
klassificering Côtes de Provence AOC
Huvud druva Rolle
Detalj av druvsorter Rolle 80% & Sémillon 20%
Stil Torrt
Färg Vitt
Vingård Domaine de Gavaisson
Alkoholhalt 12,5°
Lagring +5
Area 3,9 H
Vin och Mat Filet de daurade, Cuisses de grenouilles, Foie gras de canard cuit

The Soil

The vines, grown on ten south-facing terraced areas, are planted into lightly draining, stony earth, the clay of which (chestnut brown) however retains the moisture from rainwater necessary for the vine to thrive and the grapes to ripen.


Manual – to select and sort the bunches into small crates of 25 kg. A plot-based selection facilitates the choice of vintage.


The grapes, sorted at the vine and table, are pressed whole to protect them from oxidation. The juice selected according to the plot is chilled to around 10°C to achieve static clarification (settling). After being transferred to stainless-steel tanks, fermentation is allowed to commence, which occurs between 15°C and 18°C. Once the turbulent fermentation process has calmed, the wines are transferred to vats to ‘age’. They are then sampled regularly until the final blend is decided upon. Aged in bottles at a constant temperature (15°C) in our cellars.


A sweep of scintillating yellows swirls around your glass … the first warm nose of beeswax is quickly augmented with candied pear and iris. In the mouth, the wine proves itself to be authentic and without artifice. Its frank structure, robust and elegant, is brought to the fore with great distinction. Its mineral character evokes the Gavaisson earth during the first few drops of a storm … it is then nuanced by notes of spice and peel, refined with arpeggios of sensuous flowers. This is a wine of great joy. A joy which remains even after the fragrances have faded...