Sous le Bois Cabardès 2016 - Guilhem Barré



Very well-ripen full body Cabardès wine. Well-ripen sweet grape aroma is the first, even sweet feeling but not-so sweet with strong tannin. Bit of spicy and clean finish. Perfect with oily food, such as foie-gras, making a memorable night.

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17,00 € Inkl. Moms

Årgång 2016
Typ av vinodling Ekologisk
Land Frankrike
Område Languedoc
klassificering Cabardès
Huvud druva Syrah
Detalj av druvsorter Syrah & Merlot
Stil Torrt
Färg Rött
Vingård Domaine Guilhem Barré
Alkoholhalt 13°
Lagring 5/7

Cabardès is one of the most original appellations of the Languedoc, situated to the west of Carcassonne and adjoining the vineyards of Minervois. This is where the grape varieties of the south west, particularly of Bordeaux, meet those of the Mediterranean.

The appellations regulations demand a minimum of 40% of each ‘family’, and the emblem of Cabardès is appropriately ‘vent de l’est; vent d’ouest’. The region is cooler and wetter than most of the Languedoc and that makes for a further element of originality, with fresher wines than further east.

Guilhem Barré is a relatively new wine grower; he made his first wine in 2008 and built a small cellar in 2011. He had originally studied psychology.